Generate Network Web3 URL

How to generate a Web3 URL for your network

In order to create a Dapp using DappBot you must have a Web3 URL of an endpoint for your network. If you have a private network you will need to input your custom Web3 URL. For this tutorial we will focus on generating a Web3 URL for a public network using Infura.


Generate Infura Endpoint

Navigate to and create a free account.

After signing up and signing in, click on "Create New Project".

Input a name for your project.

After creating the project, it will appear on your Dashboard under "Projects". Click on "View Project".

You will then be shown your Project details and can make edits. Go to the "Keys" section. Select the network your smart contract is deployed on.

After selecting the matching network, click on the clipboard icon to the right of the endpoint displayed to copy it to your clipboard.

Great! You can now input the endpoint when configuring your Dapp on Dappbot.

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