Generate a Smart Contract ABI

How to Generate a Smart Contract ABI

In order to create a Dapp using DappBot you must have deployed your Smart Contract and complied it to generate an ABI. In this article we will go over how to use the new Remix interface, the Ethereum IDE.


Configure Remix 

Navigate to to open the Remix IDE. Two contracts should be preloaded, I will use those smart contracts for this tutorial. For your custom smart contract please upload your file through the folder icon.


Next we need to activate the Solidity Compiler plugin. Click on the Plugin Manager icon on the right to open all the plugins.

Next click "Activate" on the Solidity Compiler near the bottom. Then the Solidity Compiler will show up under "Active Modules".


Compile the Smart Contract

Navigate to the Solidity Compiler by clicking on the Solidity logo icon.

Make sure that the compiler version matches the Solidity pragma in your smart contract file or else the compiler will error.

Press "Compile SMARTCONTRACT.sol". Once it has compiled, click on the ABI button below to copy it to your clipboard.


Congratulations! You have compiled your smart contracted and generated an ABI. You can now use this ABI to create a Dapp on DappBot.



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