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Welcome! We're excited to get you up and running with an EximNode.  Our OS X installers make the process painless -- your node will be on in just a minute.  We also have instructions available for Windows and Linux.

1. Download Installer

You can find the EximNode Setup.pkg installer on our GitHub Releases page, and download it directly below:


EximNode Setup.pkg  


Safety Note: Chrome and Apple both have built-in controls to try and warn users about malware.  One of their metrics is to flag any file which they haven't seen downloaded many times.  These warnings will go away once our releases are older and have gotten more downloads.  In the meantime, you may get a warning which tells you to Discard the file.  Just click on the dropdown menu or "More Info" to continue with the process.


2. Install EximNode

When you open the installer, you will see a screen similar to other programs you have downloaded.

Everything is already fully configured, so you don't need to make any choices here.  Just click through and the installation ought to complete successfully.

3. Run Your EximNode

When the installer finishes, it should automatically open the Applications folder with the new EximNode program highlighted:

Double-click this (or type "EximNode" in the Spotlight Search) and a terminal running EximNode will appear.  It will automatically start search for peers and try to sync the blockchain:

Pro Tip: Maximize the window, the print-outs are most legible that way.

Accessing your Eximchain Account

Wallet App

With the node you just setup you can automatically connect to the node by simply launching the Wallet App. Instructions on how to download the Wallet app can be found here. Instructions on how to Connect your Wallet to an Eximchain node can be found by clicking the title above.

Eximchain Node

This requires you to import your private key to the node we just setup locally. Instructions for that can be found by clicking the title above.

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