Connect Eximchain Wallet to an Eximchain Node

Please download the Eximchain Wallet app before proceeding. You can find instructions on how to download the latest wallet here.

Also make sure you have an Eximchain Node currently running and synced. You can find instructions on how to do that here.


Sync an Eximchain Node

Wallet should be used with a synced node running locally!

Wallet needs a synced node running locally to function. The Wallet app will be unusable if you have not run the instructions above.

Beta Community nodes now available!

You can now use the wallet without running a node by selecting the network drop down and choosing one of the existing regions to connect to a community proxy (similar to Infura.)


Default Node

Quickly connect to a node using the default by opening the Eximchain Wallet app. If you completed the instructions above on how to sync a node, simply open the Eximchain Wallet app. The Wallet will auto-connect to the node and show the network is online.

Custom Node

If you are brave enough to run your own configuration, follow the instructions below to connect to a custom node.

  1. Open the Eximchain Wallet app.
  2. Click on the Network underneath the "Eximchain Wallet Beta" logo.
  3. Select "+ Custom Node"


Setup Custom Node

Create a custom node with the following values. Then click "Save & Use Custom Node".

Node Name: Eximchain Node

Network: EXC




Check Network Connection

The custom node will be used instead of the default Auto connection. You can check that the custom node is being used by clicking the network name again. Then clicking the dropdown to the right of "Eximchain".

The custom node "Eximchain Node" should show up. A dark blue dot will show up next to the active node as shown below.



If you would like to access your wallet info through an Eximchain Node, learn more here.





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