Connect Trezor Hardware Wallet

In these instructions we will show you how to connect a Trezor Hardware Wallet to the Eximchain Wallet app. Before you begin be sure to have completed the following steps:

Sync an Eximchain Node

Connect Wallet to an Eximchain Node

Wallet needs a synced node running locally!

Wallet needs a synced node running locally to function. The Wallet app will be unsuable if you have not run the instructions above.


Connecting a Trezor

In order to use a Trezor Hardware wallet with the Eximchain Wallet app it must be unlocked.

1. Plug in your TREZOR.



2. Select the TREZOR option on the Eximchain Wallet.



3. Unlock your TREZOR.

Trezor Model T

For the Trezor Model T, you can unlock your hardware wallet by inputing the correct pin on the display. 







Trezor One

With your Trezor still connected visit

A pin pad without numbers will show up. Input the pin to unlock your Trezor here following the number values shown on your hardware wallet. Your hardwallet is now unlocked and can be used on the Eximchain Wallet.




4. Click the "Connect to TREZOR" button.

Return to the Eximchain Wallet app if you were on a browser unlocking your Trezor. Now you can click on "Connect to TREZOR" in the Eximchain Wallet. If you get stuck here, read our troubleshooting at the end of this document.


5. Select an address.

A list of your addresses accessible via your TREZOR will be displayed on the Eximchain Wallet. Select the one you would like to use in the Wallet.


6. Your Trezor is now ready to be used on the Eximchain Network!

After selecting one of the addresses the wallet will will show this view bellow. You will have the same functionality as if you had imported your private key.





If the after clicking "Connect to Trezor" button you wait for more than 5 seconds while the button says "Unlocking..." follow these steps:

1. Click the back icon next to "Unlock your Trezor".


2. Repeat steps 2 and 4 above in the original instructions.

This seems to be an issue with the first time a Trezor is connected after starting the Eximchain Wallet app. Our development team is currently working on fixing this. If you have any issues with the Eximchain Wallet please contact our support here.

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