Why are Eximchain-enabled solutions built on Quorum?

Combining a Blockchain, SDK, and Platform layer is necessary to bring enough players to bear for a healthy minimum viable network. Faced with the choice of waiting for Ethereum to end the Ice Age and release Casper in the coming years, or building on recently produced viable solutions in this area, Eximchain has chosen to leapfrog the Ethereum Roadmap by leveraging Quorum, an enterprise-focused version of Ethereum released by JP Morgan.

Quorum, and therefore Eximchain’s applications, is designed to develop and evolve alongside Ethereum. Because it only minimally modifies Ethereum’s core, Quorum enables Eximchain to incorporate Ethereum updates quickly and seamlessly.

At the most basic level, Eximchain modifies how the Ethereum client protocol enables consensus and permissions the blockchain. The Eximchain blockchain distinguishes between participants that can validate blocks and participants that can propose blocks. The latter allows Eximchain to both secure private transactions on the network and incentivize developers to participate in the evolution of the environment.

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