Create an EXC Wallet


If you have successfully sign up for an Eximchain account and have signed in to the Eximchain mobile app you can now create an EXC wallet. Learn more about signing up for an Eximchain account here.

Security Information

We do not store your Seed Phrase or Private Keys on our servers. They stay locally stored and encrypted on your device. If you lose your seed phrase and device holding your seed phrase you will lose your wallet and we will not be able to assist in recovering it. It is imperative that you setup a process for storing your personal private keys and seed phrases.


Next you will create an EXC Wallet to link to your account. You can “import” a wallet if you have already finished the Wallet creation process before, those instructions will be found here. Your Eximchain account will only be able to use one address, so it is VERY important for you to protect this address. We will show the creation process here.

Select the “Create a new wallet” option. Next, read, understand, and confirm that if you lose your seed phrase you will be unable to recover access to your EXC wallet. PHYSICALLY save the seed phrase generated by the Eximchain app. Verify you have saved the recovery phrase by reentering the words in the correct order. Next you will be asked to select a pin. You have now created a Native EXC wallet and can proceed to the identity validation process!


Steps to Create an EXC Wallet

  1. Confirm understanding of importance of storing your private seed phrase.

  2. Save a seed phrase we generate (a 12 word phrase generated in app) somewhere physically. Never store your private keys digitally. Do not screenshot your seed phrase as storing it as an image makes your EXC balance vulnerable to being stolen.

  3. Verify that you saved your seed phrase by inputting it on the next screen in order.

  4. Protect and encrypt your wallet on your device by adding a pin.

You have created an EXC wallet!

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