Create an Eximchain Governance Account

In order to increase the security and trust in our network, we have implemented a thorough onboarding process for all Eximchain Governance members. Our members must prove they currently hold a minimum account of EXC, tie an email to the wallet address holding that EXC, create an account with multi-factor authentication, generate a new EXC wallet, and validate their identity. 


Steps to Create an Eximchain Governance Account

Please follow these steps in order to create an Eximchain Governance account. Token verification and Identity Validation will be done in batches so be sure to start as soon as possible to join in governance.

1. Token Verification

Whitelist the email you will be using to create your Eximchain Governance account by proving you own an ETH address holding EXC and linking it to that email. Instructions on how to complete token verification can be found here.

2. Sign Up & Sign In

Create an Eximchain Governance account using the email that was whitelisted during token verification. Instructions on how to sign up can be found here.

3. Create an EXC Wallet

Generate a new EXC wallet in app that will be used for your voting and transaction history in our network. Instructions on how to create an EXC wallet can be found here.

4. Validate Identity

Finally, prove your identity to our network members by passing our identity verification process. Instructions on how to validate your identity can be found here.


Before you Begin

Before you begin creating an account you will need:

1. Whitelist the wallet address that holds your EXC ERC-20 tokens and prove that you control the private key for that address. Your wallet must contain a minimum of 500 EXC tokens in order to proceed. This wallet should also not hold any Ether (ETH). Click the link for further information about how to view EXC tokens.

2. You will need to verify wallet ownership during this process, click this link to learn how to create a signed message so you are familiar with the process when you are asked to do so later on.  

3. To sign up for an account, you will need a whitelisted Email Address / Password/ Security Question & Answer/ Phone Number with SMS - it is imperative these items are secure with the most modern standards.

4. You will be given a randomly generated Seed Phrase for your Native EXC wallet & will need to create a 6 digit pin to encrypt it.

5. For the Know Your Customer process, a valid form of Government Issued Photo ID is required. Click here for a list of acceptable documents.

 6. You will need to take a Selfie for the KYC process as well, so please ensure your phone is capable, you have adequate lighting, and the location is suitable.

 7. Finally, and this is very important, you will want Pen and paper. If your device is compromised, lost or damaged you will want offline, non-digital backup of the information used during this process.  

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