Token Verification

The first step in order to create an Eximchain Governance account is Token Verification. This allows our members to be proven token holders, and link the email they use to create an Eximchain Governance account to a wallet address holding a minimum number of ERC-20 EXC Tokens.


Before you Begin

To complete the process you will need to:

1. Whitelist the wallet address that holds your EXC ERC-20 tokens and prove that you control the private key for that address. Your wallet must contain a minimum of 500 EXC tokens in order to proceed. This wallet should also not hold any Ether (ETH). Click the link for further information about how to add ERC-20 EXC Tokens to your wallet.

2. You will need to verify wallet ownership during this process, click this link to learn how to create a signed message so you are familiar with the process when you are asked to do so later on.  



Before starting the on-boarding process in the Eximchain Governance app you will need to verify that you are a current EXC token holder with a minimum of 500 EXC. Visit “” to start this process. Be sure to consolidate all your EXC tokens are in ONE SINGLE wallet. Accept our Token Privacy Policy, then input your email that you will link to your address, this will be the email that will be able to create an Eximchain account.

An email will be sent to that address where you will be given an access code. Copy that code and input it to verify that you control the email. Next you will input the wallet public address that currently holds your EXC.

To verify that you control this wallet you will need to create a signed message. Copy the text message for use in the Signed Message process discussed earlier. Once your message is signed, copy the signature generated by the ERC-20 wallet, and enter it into the Signature input and click verify.

You are now verified as the ETH wallet holder! This address will be used for the token swap so make sure to have all of your ERC-20 EXC Tokens in the whitelisted address by snapshot day.

Start the Token Verification process early as invitations to start governance onboarding will be given to users that have verified themselves as token holders in batches.


Token Verification Steps

  1. Go to “
  2. Enter your email address that will be used to create your Eximchain Governance account.
  3. Check your email for a code.
  4. Verify you control your email address by inputting the code in the email we sent.
  5. Enter your ETH Wallet Public Address currently holding a minimum of 500 ERC-20 EXC.
  6. Copy the message text we provide on the page.
  7. Enter that text into a Signed Message. Instructions on how to create a signed message can be found here.
  8. Copy the signature generated by the wallet.
  9. Enter the generated signature into the Signature input and click verify.
  10. You have verified yourself as the holder of the ETH Wallet!

You are now ready to sign up for an Eximchain Governance account once our mobile app launches! Until then please review the full process to create an Eximchain Governance account here.


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