Create a Signed Message (EXC)

The best way to confirm ownership of an EXC address is to create a signed message with the Eximchain wallet app. Instructions on how to download the Eximchain wallet can be found here. We will go over the steps to create a signed messaged from a wallet you own next.

Signing a message using Eximchain Wallet

We will be using the Eximchain Wallet to create a signed message. Always check that you are running the latest version of the Eximchain Wallet released by the team before inputing any sensitive data into the app.

  1. Open the Eximchain Wallet app.

  2. Click on "Sign & Verify Message" tab on the right side of the navigation.

  3. On the new page, select how you want to access your wallet (See Seed Phrase example).


  4. After unlocking your wallet the interface will show a "Sign Message" button. Input the message you would like to sign. Specific messages where you identify yourself and the purpose of the message are best as they can not be easily reused.

  5. Click "Sign Message". You have generated a signed message, verifying that you own the wallet address used. Copy this signature and use share it with anyone at anytime to prove you control this wallet. If you are completing the Eximchain Token Verification process, copy this message and paste it in the appropriate input on that site.

For Eximchain's Token Verification you will only need to copy the value after "sig". Your signature should begin with 0x... Do not include any quotes or other characters.

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